Drum Set Educator

Orchestral and Jazz Drum Set Pedigogy

What you'll learn

  • Students can play different drum beats.
  • Students can play a fill.
  • Students can play a repeated four-bar phrase.
  • Students can demonstrate creativity by improvising a drum fill.
  • Students can play at a variety of speeds.
  • Students can play along with pre-recorded music.
  • Students understand important musical vocabulary.
  • Students can assemble and tune a Drum Set.
  • Students will develop critical listening skills.
  • Students will play the drums with proper technique.
  • Students can play the drums in a musical setting. 
  • Proficiency in sight-reading rhythmic notation 



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Blog Post

Grooving when you "Tip" 

"Tippn'n" or swinging on the ride cymbal or brushing on the snare can be a bit dry at times. What if we approached tippin' as we make any other backbeat groove? 

If we emphasize the two and four, we get a sense of employing a backbeat groove while we swing, making our groove swing way more. 

Here is a video explaining more about how emphasizing the two and four in your tip groove can make people dance when they listen to you play.